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“At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security.”     –  Jodi Rell

‘Mobile Surakshaa’ – a startup from Kolkata has recently come up with an unbeatable Mobile protection plan on 10th May’18.
It is the first company in India to provide damage protection on New and Old mobiles Both. Smartphone users in India is increasing at a fast pace and smartphone repair are becoming very costly. Mobile damage protection plan is as important as any other insurance and Mobile Surakshaa aims to cater to the massively unorganised mobile repair industry. The founders told us that Mobile Surakshaa is a must have Mobile Damage Cover Plan which ensures Free Mobile Repair to Mobile Surakshaa subscribers in case if their mobile is damaged. Mobile Surakshaa claims to become the leading company in India in the Damage Cover & Mobile Repair domain by 2020. Compare our prices with other players. We are the cheapest plan provider in India right now. Our plan price is 80% less than the other companies offering similar plans – Pratik Roy, Founder of Mobile Surakshaa quoted.
With Mobile Surakshaa damage protection plan users will be covered against any and every kind of damage ranging from screen cracks to liquid damage. Speaker, microphone, camera, button and port malfunctions are also covered. Arunima Mukherjee, Co-founder of Mobile Surakshaa was told us that “mobile covers and screen-guards are not enough in today’s fast paced and uncertain life. Screen guard or back covers can not protect our device from liquid spills and software malfunction. So we all need a damage protection plan for our device. With Mobile Surakshaa you get your costly device completely covered at the price of a good quality screen guard or back cover. Mobile Surakshaa gives complete peace of mind. Once a subscriber gets registered with us, all they need to do is file a claim from the Mobile Surakshaa App or the website if their device is damaged and one of the company’s partner courier guy will pick up their device, have it repaired by our expert certified technician and we will deliver the perfectly repaired device back to you. Absolutely FREE and on time. We know how hard it is to live without our mobile nowadays.
Arunima Mukherjee further said that we have a hassle free claim process which is helping us get more and more satisfied customers and referrals. No more wasting mindless hours looking for a suitable repair centre, no more waiting in service centre queues and following up numerous times to get the phone repaired. In case of damage, a Mobile Surakshaa subscriber just needs to report the damage to us via app or web and we will schedule a courier pickup either from their home or office. As easy as that and NO QUESTIONS ASKED.
Both the Founders are confident that they will achieve the number one spot in the mobile damage cover and organised mobile repair domain by 2020 as they believe that the company’s main USP is providing damage cover on old mobiles. There are currently no company in India who provides damage protection on old mobiles. Pratik Roy said their marketing strategy includes both online and traditional marketing system. Mobile Surakshaa will be engaged in a nationwide distribution system starting from June 16th apart from digital marketing to promote their service.
We are taking things slowly but steadily. We have designed the blended (online + offline) marketing model to help us reach our goal of 1 million subscribers by the next year” – Roy said while speaking about the company’s vision.
So, how Mobile Surakshaa is able to provide a complete damage cover plan at such a reduced price (almost 80% lower than the other players in the same niche)?
Arunima Mukherjee gives full credit to the founder by saying “Pratik is the one who has put in all the efforts regarding designing the concept and Amit our fellow developer has done a commendable job in giving shape to our dreams. Pratik and Amit have together put in mindless hours & sleepless nights to monetize the app in such a way that the plan price does not pinch the pocket of the subscribers. No more paying Rs.1200 to Rs.2000 (average damage protection cost with other companies).
Pratik said “the whole idea was to provide damage protection by setting up an in-house expert repair team so that we can offer our plan at 20-30% less than the plan price the other companies are offering”. Also we needed to figure out a viable way to monetize the application to make up the gap so as to cover the rest of the money required to offer such a great plan at such a low price. To make it all the more better we have now made sure that our subscribers also gets benefited and rewarded from the monetization process that we have designed – Roy concluded.
Visit the website for more details :- – : www.mobilesurakshaa.com

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