Sacrifice is a part of life. Truth is, we can’t have everything at the same time. For anything we gain, we always have to lose something. No matter how insignificant it may be for us to notice, we have to accept that it’s a rule of life. But even upon knowing this, why does it always seems like most of us are still so afraid everytime we hear the word sacrifice? Well, that’s a question that will definitely twist our minds yet we’ll still find difficulties in answering it.
     In human nature, selfishness is something natural. We always tend to think of ourselves first than other people. We have no control over this because it’s a natural instinct. We may fake it at some situations when other people are watching but on the hardest of times, it will definitely show. It’s not a sin or a crime that we should be ashamed of. However, we must not also be blinded by the fact that it’s one great factor that is causing us to fear the very own concept of sacrifice.
     One of the biggest misconceptions in this world is what people naturally think of once they hear this word. Everytime it happens, we immediately think of having to give up something that is important to us, if letting go something that we treasure so much, of having to lose something. We think that sacrifice is like a scourge that takes away whatever we have from us. This is absurd. To fear sacrifice is to fear the natural flow of life.
     I remembered what a friend once told me, “There are no random acts in this world. We always perceive that every decision or action we make are undirected but there is a balance and a purpose for each”. When one withers, another grows. Someone’s ending is someone else’s beginning. As a person’s last breath is taken away, a newborn cries somewhere in this world. Same goes with sacrifice.
     The thing is we see sacrifice as a negative part of life but we shouldn’t. It is not something to regret. Instead, it is something to aspire to. Whether little or big sacrifices, we all make them so there’s no reason for us to feel so unfortunate everytime we have to give something up. We may choose our natural instinct of being cynical to take over but at the end of the day, our very own regrets of how selfish we’ve become would only hurt us.
     Instead of crying over the things that we already lost, why don’t we try to feel good about it? Because looking at life in a bigger picture, we won’t actually lose something without gaining anything. If it’s for another person’s benefit or for the betterment of our lives, it doesn’t matter because after years gone by, what you obtain for yourself won’t even matter but the sacrifices that you made to make another person’s life better will. We cannot be happy at all times but it’s a choice we make. Being selfish is in our nature but being able to let go of that selfishness for someone is love and I believe that it’s something that each and everyone of us are still capable of. Sacrificing; it’s probably hard especially if a part of you will be gone after losing something or someone who plays a very important role in your life but if you’ll think about it again and witness that it will make a particular person smile, then it’s probably one of the best feelings that you’ll feel throughout your life. How about you, have you made a sacrifice

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