“You don’t encourage people to take care of their body by telling them to hate it.” – Laci Green

We are not this body, we are the energy that carries it. Beauty lies in your energy. Looks are secondary. It’s not your problem if someone judges you on the basis of your appearance. For it only shows their materialistic perspective of life, an evident example of which is body shaming. But life is much deeper and meaningful than that. At the end of the day, what each of us longs for is inner beauty. Your qualities, your humble behaviour, your cooperation, your compassion, your love for others, is what makes you beautiful. So why don’t we work on our inner beauty more than we consciously worry about our looks?

So many people today encounter body shaming as a big part of their life. It not only declines their self confidence, but also makes them feel guilty for their looks. The only thing I don’t understand is, none of us chose the body we got, then why are some bashed for the kind of body they have? Where is our common sense? After all, the body is just a medium for living a life! Being fat is not a crime that someone has to pay for daily! Insensitively, people are first body shamed, and then told that “Dude, that was just a joke!” Well, nobody has any right to shower his/her wonderful opinions of anyone’s body. And when you really care about someone who needs to keep fit, you encourage them and advise them in the right direction. The moment you insult, your intentions are clearly visible. What I realised is that it’s considered a cool thing to do. Very subtle, but causes deep wounds in many people’s hearts.

Appreciating people for who they are, how they are and whatever they are… is what creates a friendly and healthy environment around. Everybody has a unique quality. But only if we choose to see it. Beautiful and strong people don’t put others down, they lift them up!



9 thoughts on “Body: Just a costume, not a certificate of worth”

  1. Very correctly said, body is just the medium.
    We must appreciate the inner beauty.
    We must improve our ‘Karmic Account’, try do good deeds everyday helping the needy. And you will see beautiful future
    Waits for you.

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