Different you tube entities are coming out with their new innovative and never seen too genres. Like the same Timeliners had came out with their new Web series FLAMES which shows the teenage coaching centres romance. And they also made their viewers to remind their tuition classes crushes.


Rajat (played by Ritwik Sahore) is the studious guy, who wants to score really high in the tuition tests, but mostly scores 3-4 marks less than full score. There’s his notorious friend Pandey (played by Shivam Kakar), who is happy scoring a mere 5. As a new girl enters the tuition classes, Ishita (essayed by Sunakshi Grover) and Rajat is smitten by her.



Ritvik sahore is turned out into an actor through FLAMES. Whose cute and sincere face can keep you hooked to any series he appereas in. FLAMES series is  set in a coaching center named Sunshine center it is in West Delhi  where students of 11th and 12th standard come in to polish up their maths and chemistry


The whole series of timeliners is narrated by  head of the center played by Deepash sumitra Jagadish. Which remind you the tone of Neelash Mishra. The  whole story revolves around a teenage love, heartbreak and will soon transport you to the days when getting a cursory nod from your crush meant the world. While the show is set in present day, the makers try to tap into the 90s nostalgia which feels quite manipulative at times as you know that these students were born much after the “Pehla Nasha” days. If it’s the 20-something crowd that this show aims to target then this nostalgia trip will surely work in their favor. The selection of romantic songs from the 90s is a reminder that romance in those days was probably more innocent and the same holds true for Rajjo’s (Ritvik Sahore) story.


So far, five episodes  {season 1} have been released on YouTube and it seems like The Timeliners have found their niche when it comes to the web space. Their previous show, The Aam Aadmi Family was meant for the family audience and even here, they maintain a certain purity when it comes to their character’s intentions. The show aims at being a teenage love story but being a 90s kid myself, I can’t really gauge if romance is as timeless as the show tries to portray.


The narrator of series is showed up like a chemistrey teacher who used these lines..


“noble gas ki tarah akele kyun baithe ho?”

 “kya baat hai pandey ji, aaj toh aapko dekh kar lag rha hai  wanar sena me shamil ho hi jayengey aap”!!

“arey bina question ke slove kroge inty tez ho”


These are some dialogues as if they were written for Pankaj tripathi. As much I loved pankaj’s performance in Nil battey sannata , I loved Jagdish’s He was warm  , sarcastic,and stern all the time.


Highest point of the series’ pilot episode is its narration from professor Kushal. The highlight of the narration is the explanation of what and how of love using Alkali metals property of single valance electrons.

In the last episode of  flames Rajat is all frustrated  and in all this mess with his friends and Ishita too he split his all problems  in front of his tuition  teacher kushal  sir and gave him a advice to tell his all story to Ishita.

and the same Rajat did he send a voice message to her and tell  all the things . Ishita listen the whole message and decided to forgive him and besides this Rajat’s friend Pandeya who made all the situations get on track. End of the season is quite happy and scenic too viewers are easily relating themselves to this.

For everything thing you might think that this series hasn’t got right, you should only see it for the one and only thing,you have experienced then and cherish no, that is truest.

The simplicity and realness of the first episode is definitely appealing. The 90s hit song Pehla Nasha, playing as the background in many scenes does add to the innocent romance in the webisode.

Nothing to complain about in the first season. There’s much to explore in the coming seasons  and now we have  enough meat to crib/compliment the series as a whole.

 Standing at nearly 14 minutes for the maiden episode, Flames is a much watch for lovers of romantic stories.

if you haven’t seen it yet, then rush to you tube type timeliners and live your days of 11th and 12th again. here is the link of first eposide.


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