Right to speak, what one desires to,
Power to think, what one believes to,
Honour to do, what one really wants to,
Freedom has many edges, neither one or two!!

For kids, it’s just to play all day
No homework, no school, no study
Only fun, sleep and games of clay!

On teenager’s part, the pool is bigger,
They want to look good and swagger,
Partying and gossip with friends,
Social media is such an addiction that never ends!!

For adults, it’s about holidays and vacations
That can give them mere relaxation
No office, no work, no boss,
Limits and rules are there to be crossed!!

Old Citizens relate emancipation to freedom,
God’ place is considered to be their kingdom,
Heaven’s pray and wishes
Karma is ready to serve them their dishes!!

Ain’t it ironical on the bigger part?
To save our country or relation,
We united for liberation,
But now we fight for it,
The child who needs his mother’s kingdom
kills and stabs her for the same FREEDOM!

Written By Kanika Gulati

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