Can’t you see that the world is full of such?
Lurking yourself with those fairytales and happy endings you see on movies
Dreaming of castles with sky reaching towers, chariots of horses, riding unicorns and wearing those floral crowns
Putting yourself in a balcony beside those long stairs waiting for your Romeo to come.
Darling, let me tell you that you are more than that girl on a ball dress
Limited by the boundaries set by your crown
You are sought to discover the beauty outside your castle’s tall gates and pointed fences
Experience the fear of the wilderness out there, witness how the lion hunts the lamb
Get out of your comfort, do things that scares the hell out of you
Let the sun kiss your skin as the strong wind dances with your hair
Don’t mind those goosebumps, jump that cliff like you always wanted to.
Can’t you see the waves are saying are saying HI and the sea wanted to embrace your fall
Go! reach out for the peak of that mountain and let your eyes make love with the scene on the bed of clouds.
And when dark comes, behold as tiny diamonds start to pop out the sky.
And the moon? It will guard you with its overcoming light
Let the galaxy play your imagination as if it was bringing you to a different life
You deserve to sea all the beautiful oceans and seas and beaches!
Ride those waves crashing into your face, say hi to dolphins and discove the kingdom underneath
Camp on the beach, watching the night sky display million of stars in the galaxy
See how the sun outshine the moon during sunrise, how the night is consumed by the figure forming clouds
Now can you see? can you see the person your crown limits you to be.
No wonder a lot of royals I see
Putting down their crowns
For two words “I’m free.


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