LuvStay -: The story of Change.


“ We moved from one hotel room to another . Some of them were adjacent, while some were in different lanes, but NOBODY was ready to give us a room. “- Says Sumit Anand, founder @LuvStay

No matter, how much open minded we Indians  pretend to be ; We ultimately have an orthodox mentality. What decides our future/ decisions/ plans  in the so called democratic nation called India are merely 3 words ‘LOG KYA KAHENGE!?

Going back to December 2014, it was a chilly winter evening, when Sumit Anand, along with his girlfriend managed to reach the plains of sub- Himalyan air, leaving behind the chaotic scenario of Delhi. After a tiring journey of 250 km, all they needed was to stretch their legs, but unfortunately found no room because of the following two reasons- :

  1. They were unmarried.
  2. They both belonged to different religions and the year had already witnessed some weird conspiracies against Hindu- Muslim lovers.


Being inspired by the picky moments, Anand decided to come up with a platform that would cater unmarried couples by providing them hotel rooms at affordable prices, and without causing any kind of trauma.


The team consists of founder Sumit Anand, an engineer by profession who pursued MBA from Ambedkar college, Karan Mago – co-founder handling complete marketing and business tie-ups for LuvStay is an MBA for K.J Somaiya College.

Amardeep , another co-founder handles backend operations.


What is LuvStay Upto?

Sumit Anand’s child ‘LuStay’ today, offer couples the safest rooms as they value true love . At LuvStay, no one is judged by anyone, no religion or caste is taken into consideration, just love be strong.  Currently, the platform is

expanded over 40 cities around the nation and has tie ups with over 500 hotels.

In  future, the team is looking for owning some  hotels, which would be perfectly based on couple themes and will have more flexible timings.





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