Media Cell provides shelter to the creative youth!
-by Pakhi Gauba

“The difference is that we are making a difference in the very culture that our college follows, awareness ,self-development, social empathy, there is so much to Media Cell.. We believe in the power of content and that each individual has the capacity to bring about change and lead a movement and maybe this is what differentiates us.” – Sindhuri Polisetti (Co-Founder Media Cell)
With the vision, to help students learn the in-outs of Media and Mass Communication by making them aware as well as informed, Media Cell was found in the prestigious  Laxmi Niwas Mittal Institute of Information and Technology ,Jaipur in 2016, by the trio Yash Agarwal, Sindhuri Polisetti and Jeetendra Ajmera ,under the mentorship  of Dr. Narendra Kumar.
The club’s objective was and is  to develop amongst students an understanding of the importance of communication, encourage them to express their feelings through media, cover various cultural, technical events taking place in the college, boost their  curiosity and hence foster the participation of the student community of the college by providing a platform to creative artists, photographers, writers, poets, designers, orators combine.
The club consisting 25 curious members, took shape late in July 2016 and has hosted various events since then particularly in the field of Human Journalism. The first flagship event of the club was ‘What I made;____’, which was a storytelling event wherein speakers from different parts of India came and narrated their stories. ‘Duologue’, was the first of its kind of event under the category of  inter- college events, in which participants were blindfolded and were made to talk to each other. Recently, the club got associated with the TEDx Jaipur team in January which witnessed 10+ of the members volunteering in the event. But the struggle to reach here wasn’t easy. On being asked about the journey,the co-founders revealed that they’ve debated on the name ‘Media Cell’ themselves, quite a lot of times but landed up on the same name, as according to them NO other word than ‘Media could capture the essence of their job so aptly. They confessed that it was difficult to introduce a new club specifically in a college like theirs, where students are inclined more towards technical/engineering backgrounds, therefore it was very hard to make them understand the very concept of their club. They had to fight over the reluctance, and now here they are being nominated for the “Most active Club” by the student Gymkhana and are all set to pitch their next event i.e. TEDx LNMIIT.
Encapsulating their talk they gave discrete credits for their success to their mentor, Dr.Narendra Kumar; thanked the creative bunch of dedicated people in their team and left words of encouragement for other colleges to introduce such concepts by saying “Definitely, this should be brought by other colleges as well, particularly mentioning the reason behind such a society should be to eliminate the barrier and differences amongst students coming from various walks of life. We intend to develop their soft skills and communication skills and with a culture like this it is bound to happen

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