Anger. Does it just really refer to the intense negative emotions that we feel over one person or could it mean something more than that? Back then when we were young, we are already taught how to handle our emotions properly, to not let our anger go over the course of our actions. Even now, it still remains as a challenge that most people try to overcome.
People are different. Some would easily get angry over a simple thing while others seem like they do not get bothered at all. There are those people who will shout carelessly at others when they feel like doing it while there are those who would choose to hold it in instead. There are people who would throw things away out of anger while there are those who would cry silently on a corner instead. But at the end of the day, different people also have a common denominator- they all get hurt.
Everyone can be compared to a balloon filled with gas wherein the amount of gas represents the pain we all keep to ourselves. Pump too much gas and the balloon will explode. This is the reason why anger and pain are interconnected. Our pain is the source of our anger. Numbness is a feeling that we wish to experience whenever we feel too much pain but truth is; it does not exist. For the emotion that we constantly feel is what makes us human.
To smile when we are happy.
To laugh when we are having fun
To cry when we get hurt.
To get angry when someone made us feel vulnerable.
On the contrary, we would try to act brave and become angry whenever we get hurt. I believe it is our way of protecting ourselves towards this cynic world filled with cynic people. For if we show the world enough courage, they would not have any reason anymore to attack us.
But there is one thing that is more powerful than hatred,it is love. It is indeed true that the ones we love have the most power to hurt us but they are also the persons to whom we would choose to lay our armors down, to whom we would still choose to expose our weaknesses despite how badly injured we already are. We give them that power. So before I end this, I would like to leave you with a question. Would you rather act brave? Or would you rather love?

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