-by Pakhi Gauba

With the refinement of foreign relations under Namo, a new beam of light has been thrown on the relations between India and South Korea. The nation is one of the earliest foreign investors after India’s economic liberalization.Both the nations promote the kind of travel that makes one slow down, explore a place with intimacy, and allow to make an attempt to understand situations from a local’s point of view, but there is a huge difference between the teaching strategies of both the nations. Sitting in the classrooms of Korea, anyone can easily make out that India’s education system is far more ahead than compared to Korea in terms of concepts, but the Korean education strategy is much better than India in terms of the teaching methods, thus, there is no harm in adopting the Korean way of teaching. Pretty logical and interesting. This will not only help to reduce dropouts from school every year, but will also help students to generate a better understanding of concepts and increase the education standards of the country.  “South Korea is not just a nation defined by geographical boundaries, but a place on earth where humanity still finds home.” Ever imagined a nation with NO poverty and discrimination? People so honest and trustworthy that security, even at the gates of malls are a rare sight and a peaceful silence inside a bus as well as public places? This happens in Korea…while in India, people even hesitate to first aid, follow the rules and laws of the nation, all they know is “ME”. The always smiling, similar yet not similar faces of Korea can surely make every Indian realise that, how important punctuality, neatness is and how one can move ahead by working hard without relying on the use of a foreign language as a handicap to survive. Its high time, that we take Bharat out from this “nightmare” and transform it into the “kingdom of dreams”, so lets step a foot forward , before it gets late.








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